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Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs?

The age-old debate that everyone wants to know the answer to is, Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?  Dog lovers think dogs are smarter than cats and cat lovers think felines are smarter than dogs.

For instance, I have a kitten and my son has a dog and one can be smarter than the other for different things whereas the other doesn’t come close.

However, just because cats have a different skill set than dogs doesn’t mean they aren’t as intelligent and maybe even more so.

Are cats smarter than dogs?

It depends on who you ask really and it’s noted that dogs were domesticated long before any cats were and are more trainable than cats and thus dogs are more sociable than cats.


Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?
Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?- we don’t care because we love each other!


Now, this doesn’t mean that dogs are more intelligent than cats, because it’s impossible for scientists to know for sure.

Due to the cat’s nature not to cooperate or obey commands for testing and one scientist attempted to go to the cat’s house

With not much better results because the cats grew tired of the commands and therefore walked away!

Haha, when I read this for the first time I laughed so hard only because it’s true and cats just are well… cats!


Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs? – The I.Q. Test Challenge


And the moment you all have been anticipating… the I.Q challenge! It’s time to test your cat to see if she is smarter than a dog!

First, show your fur baby one of her toys and hide it behind a thick piece of paper or another object of your choice.

Second, wait a few minutes and watch what she does and last but not least, does she realize her toy is behind the paper and does she look for it then find it?


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Now, if she knows that you put her toy behind something and then she finds it, scientists say that she is as smart as an 18-month-old child!

I just knew Sammie was going through her terrible two’s, I just knew it!

That’s pretty awesome, right? 🙂

Well, I tested Sammie and she knew right away where her toy was and I was amazed that she found it as quickly as she did!

Did You Know?

Cats can remember events that happened up to 16 hours after the event has taken place and they remember that when you start putting on your shoes that you are leaving!

And that she isn’t very happy about it either?


Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?
Humans want to test our I.Q. so let’s see…


Relatively speaking, it’s the same for dogs as well except, dogs will cry and whine when they know you’re leaving!

While cats and dogs both need a lot of love and affection and they are quite different too,

Both love human interaction, and the two of you create strong bonds with each other and that bond/love is unconditional.


Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs? – “Pawnder”  These Questions


Clearly, cats and dogs learn to love their humans when we first adopt them we fed them and nurture them into our home.

We make them feel as comfortable as possible and at first, they tend to associate their people with their tummies haha

It’s kind of like a man, mama always said, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” haha yes, tiz true mama!

For example, have you ever put out food to feed feral cats and they keep coming back for more (some even bring their family and friends)

Soon you can pet them and hold them and they love you no matter what!

Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs?
A very young Sparrow

As a matter of fact, Sparrow was a feral cat and no one could pick him up because he was afraid of people that he wouldn’t let anyone near him.

When I arrived to pick up my son from his friend’s house, (that’s where Sparrow lived) when I got out of the car he walked right up to me.

I picked him up and he loved on me and so I brought him home with me.

And so, once I got him home I fed him he grew to trust me and love me however, he is skittish and still afraid of people.

For instance, if someone rings the doorbell he will hide and so a little bit of feral has stayed with Sparrow but, that’s ok!

Anyhow, It’s the caring and the love for your pet and it’s not just because you feed them food for the most part.

It goes much deeper than that!


Researchers Opinions – Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs?


What is known so far is that cats are very impatient with strong cognitive decision-making skills and they grow bored easily.

For instance, they will play with you until they become bored and then they walk away to find something else that catches their fancy!


Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?
Put me down already! You bore me mum…


Excuse me?

I always thought that when Sammie walked away from me it was because she got tired of playing, not because I bored her to death!! Ouch, Meowzers!!!

I’m heartbroken… haha wow… seriously?

Cats get bored with their pet parents! Oh, was I surprised to say the least!

Regardless of your cat getting bored playing with you, your cat loves you no matter what and that love is for life!

Dogs love playing with their pet parents and play as long as their dog parents want to until the parent grows bored and not the dog!

Haha, totally different scenario, right?

Time for Some Scientific Lingo

David Grimm writes in Slate that two leading animal researchers with whom he has spoken about cat intelligence have had great difficulty working with their subjects because cats simply wouldn’t participate in the experiments or didn’t follow instructions. Leading animal researcher Dr. Ádám Miklósi even had to go to cats’ homes to work because the kitties were so uncooperative in his lab. However, the more they learn about cats, the more scientists will be willing to give it a try. It’s just a matter of getting the cats to follow commands, which clearly is very complicated.”


Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?
You want me to do what now?


Cats think in the same patterns as humans, such as, partly owing to the similarity of neurotransmitters, which are used in conveying data.

Excuse me… can you repeat that sentence again in catlish?

Cats receive input from the basic five senses and process that data just as humans do!

Did you know that…

  • According to Scientific American, a cat’s brain has 1,000 times more “data storage” than an iPad, and operates a million times faster!
  • Last year, a supercomputer built by IBM successfully simulated the brain of a cat, requiring nearly 25,000 processors. (IBM is trying to simulate the human brain, which will take 880,000 processors and about seven more years of work.)
Cat brain

Researchers at Vanderbilt University state in regards to Neurons:

  • Dogs have 530 million neurons
  • Cats have 250 million neurons

Compared to

  • Humans who have 16 BILLION!

Although I don’t understand all of this scientific mumbo jumbo, it looks like humans are billions ahead and cats come in last.

It still doesn’t mean that cats are the stupid ones, in fact, they just have smaller brains.

Now, if I am not interpreting this language here correctly, please forgive me due to that I only speak English and a little bit of cat, this science data can be left to the dogs haha


Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs? – More Scientific Lingo



Studies also show that your feline baby can demonstrate between quantities, following their pet parents pointing gestures to find food and can respond to their human emotions

(for more information follow this link here)

They also can distinguish between pet parents using voice commands and simple food puzzles!


Fantastic indeed!

And scientists have almost all the data in that cats can speak bird talk… naw… just kidding haha!

Dogs, on the other hand, will look up to their human parent for help if they can’t solve the problem while cats try until they get it!

That’s not to say dogs are stupid but they look to their dog’s parents for help and commands.

Absolutely incredible!


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Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs – Researchers in Japan Concluded


Cats respond to their pet parent’s facial expressions and they discern which food bowl they ate out of, compared to the bowls they haven’t touched. and all this in 15-minute intervals!

For example, when I give Sammie treats in her little treats bowl and she notices there is some left at the bottom of the bowl

If she can’t reach it, she uses her paw and tips over the dish and if she can’t reach the treats she then turns the bowl over and eats the rest of it!


Can we say… Amazing!!!!

According to Dr. Lorie Houston, “The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain responsible for memory, learning, and decision making. Cats have the ability to store both long-term and short-term memories. Memory is important because it shapes the ability to learn. Kittens learn survival skills such as hunting and grooming from observing and then copying their mother. They also learn social skills from playing with their littermates. For cats, learning is a matter of practice makes perfect.” PetMD


Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs – The Differences Between


Generally speaking, cats can take care of themselves, for instance, if you had to go out of town for the weekend and you had to leave your cat at home,

You would make sure she has food and water, a clean litter box and she is good to go!

However, on the other hand, you can’t leave your dog like that because you’d have to hire a sitter or take your dog with you.

Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs


A cat fends for themselves because she is not a pack animal like dogs who oftentimes depend on the pack for hunting food in the wild.

While cats can hunt by themselves, however, some cats such as Lionesses in the wild belong to what is called a Pride.

And the females form a strategic hunt together to capture and kill their prey.

They alone, are responsible for the Lion King and their juniors meals and their cubs and also, lionesses take care of each other’s cubs!


I’ve never seen domestic cats do this but, perhaps in the deep wild of the countryside, maybe they do?

Dogs are instinctively social animals and run in packs in the wild to increase their chances when they hunt for their next meal.

Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs –  More Differences


They both have distinctive territorial traits and it’s written in their genetic code passed down from generation to generation and it’s awesome, to say the least!

Dogs are great protectors over their human family such as if someone broke into your house and you have a dog albeit he will defend you with his life.

Cats, on the other hand, will save themselves and run for cover and hide until the intruder leaves.

Dogs need to be taken out to the outhouse to do their business haha just kidding, they have to be taken outside several times a day and depending on the weather it can be a pain.


Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs?
Sammie & Connor love each other!


Unlike cats who use the litter box and are trained by their mama to use it and of course, we have to clean them, so I think that’s even between the two, don’t you?

Cats bathe themselves and keep themselves very clean whereas, dogs don’t.

We need to give them baths because of that “dog smell” they get when they’ve played outside and get wet and now they stink…

Kind of like a musky smell that lingers on and on… yeah that kind of stinky skunk stink haha…

But- I have been around stinky cats too, usually strays who don’t exactly take good care of themselves but you get what it means…

The list can go on forever in all their differences but that doesn’t mean that one is smarter than the other.


Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs – ASPCA Estimates


According to the ASPCA, dog parents get their dogs from breeders 34% of the time, however, with cats the percentage is much lower coming in at 3%.

Cats are adopted out of shelters and adoption centers more than dogs are!

The following are some facts to consider:

Facts of Pet Ownership in the U.S.: ASPCA

  • It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat. (Source: American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 (APPA))
  • Approximately 40% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners learned about their pet through word of mouth. (Source:  APPA)
  • According to the APPA, these are the most common sources from which primary methods cats and dogs are obtained as pets (Note: this information was based on multiple response questions, which results in the total% exceeding 100% individually for cats and dogs.
  • In addition, the ‘other’ category includes all source categories that were reported by <10% of both dog and cat owners)



Dogs Cats
Animal Shelter/Humane Society 23% 31%
Friends/Relatives 20% 28%
Breeder 34% 3%
Stray 6% 27%
Private Party 12% 6%
Other 32% 39%


In Conclusion


It’s apparent that dogs love their owners not only are they happy to greet you when you come home, but they show you by wagging their tails and running to the door.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t even budge when you walk through the door, they just keep napping or just yawn as they look at you like, oh your home!

Dogs are more verbal, they can learn tricks and they love being your traveling companion, oh and they especially love everyone that comes over for a visit.

While cats run and hide until your company leaves unless of course, she takes to someone and then…

Wow! It’s a special thing, right?

Who Are Smarter Cats or Dogs?

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you are a cat lover or a dog lover, everyone loves to care for our furry pets and they become part of our family.

We refer to them as our children, son or daughter and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.

My kitten is super smart, loving and finicky and every affection shown to her is on her terms but, even so, there is Connor, my son’s dog who loves to give you love and kisses and happily greets anybody…


It’s a dog’s world and a cat’s meow and all in all that undoubtedly equals LOVE!

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Take care and we’ll talk to you soon!

Meowz to you!

Donna Rayne & Sammie Mae



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  1. Well well, This is the question that I believe got no answer yet. It is difficult to determine who is smarter a cat or a dog! I read some researches to say that cats are smarter than dogs and that’s why they act as they do. Yes, I am a cat lover but still, I love both cats and dogs. I am still reading and trying to figure out which is smarter out of curiosity and because of some acts from Suzy my cat.

    What I can tell you, cats are way smarter and in recent studies, they showed that cats miss their owners more than dogs and wait them too but they don’t show that the same as for dogs and no one knows why yet.

    Anyways, it is fun to have these guys in the house! they give us both joy and happiness and provide the house with good vibes and fun times. Memories can be built with cats or dogs, and let’s be honest here, we don’t want super-smart cats! they will rule the world then 😛

    I loved reading your post, it is fun to read about cats and dogs and always fill me with joy. Thank you for this amazing post 😀

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