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The Legend of the Ragdoll Cat Breed and the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat

Growing up I always wanted to get a Ragdoll cat. I loved their long manes and bright blue eyes. Other than that, I didn’t know their history and how they got their name and what it meant thus this article born… “The Legend of the Ragdoll Cat Breed and the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat”

While searching the net for more information on the Ragdoll Cat, I came across Tuxedo cats and I put two and two together and said to my son,

“Hey, Sammie is a Tuxedo Cat! I didn’t know that until now!” then I explained to him what I had found and that’s how this article got its start.

This was a long journey and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about these two types of cats. One is a breed and another is called by its marking, which this is not what is considered a “Breed”


The Legend of the Ragdoll- Where Does The Ragdoll Come From?


The Legend of the Ragdoll Cat Breed and the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat
Ragdoll is the most beautiful cat! (image credit: Iceland Fox)

The Facts:

1. The Ragdoll cat is of Domestic breed

2. Scientific name: Felis Catus

3. It’s origin: The United States. They are popular in the United Kingdom as well. However, they are native to the United States.

4. Other Reference: These cats are also referred to as, “dog-like-cats” or “puppy-like cats” due to their behaviors traits of following humans around. and how easy it is to handle them and they’re not aggressive towards other animals or children.

5. Price Range: $400.00 to well over $1,200.

The cost of Ragdolls depends on a few things, for instance, how old is it and if it’s of show quality and does the cat have breeding papers Several factors should be considered that will make the cat more or less expensive.

Undoubtedly, you are looking anywhere from a few hundred dollars (non-show quality) to thousands of dollars (show-quality with papers).

Also, the Ragdoll Cat is a breed that is known for their unique markings and good temperament and they tend to go limp when you pick them up because they are so docile. We’ll go into their traits in a few minutes.


The Legend of the Ragdoll Cat Breed and the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat
Ragdoll Kittens (image credit: Ragtown Cattery)


How Did the Ragdoll Get its Name?


Well, In the 1960s Ann Baker, An American Breeder, developed this cat due to that its docile and sweet temperament and loving, affectionate nature.

This cat is super chill!

The Ragdoll name is derived from the original breeding stock and is known to go limp and get super relaxed when picking them up, just like when you pick up a rag doll when you were a kid. Thus, that is how they got their name; Ragdoll!


How Large Does the Ragdoll Get?


As a matter of fact, this cat is the largest domesticated cat breed because they have a sturdy body, large frame, and proportionate legs. And this breed is also muscular, with semi-long hair cat with a soft, silky coat.

  • Fully grown female: 8 to 15 lbs.
  • Fully grown male: 12 to 20 lbs.
  • Their Life Span: A healthy Ragdoll cat normally has a lifespan of 10-16 years


Consequently, some have said that this cat breed is the most loved in the entire world. Why? Because of its fascinating gorgeous features and their amazing loving personality.

Whereas, their coats are the most beautiful colors too and they range from Blues, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac, and Reds. Although, they are mostly gray, white pattern colorpoint coat.


The Legend of the Ragdoll Cat Breed and the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat
Ragdoll kitten (image credit: Instagram picture)


Amazingly beautiful blue eyes: They have the most piercing blue eyes that I have ever seen. Kinda reminds me of the brightest blue sky on a clear sunny day.

Ragdoll cats and kittens love the sound of water and they love the bathtub, sink or pool! These furry felines will play in the water! Don’t you think that it would be so cool to swim around the pool with your furry child?

Now make sure you are extra careful not to leave them unattended around water because they can hop in and possibly drown. So, just be extra cautious and everything will be fine.

This specific cat breed is not climbers so basically, the couch is as tall as they want to get although most cats love to climb to the highest point possible, but not these cats. The couch is super fine for this feline 🙂


Did you know…


Did you know that you can teach these cat tricks? For example, you can teach them to fetch among other great tricks! As long as this fur baby can spend time with you, the better!

And if you are someone who has gone a lot and she will be home alone most of the time. Just make sure you get them a furry friend because they need to interact, socialize and have a companion to keep them company.

And they are also extremely loving with their cat parents and will follow you around and yes, even to the bathroom! Haha, are you the kind of cat parent that loves to share a large amount of time with your feline baby then this is the cat for you!

Ragdoll kittens are a fluffy ball of fur! But soon your cat will grow into a beautiful adult cat!


Ragdoll Temperament & Possible Health Issues


Ragdoll kittens and cats have some pretty amazing personality traits. I combed the web and I gathered quite a lot of pawsome traits!

  • Accommodating and affectionate
  • Submissive, obedient and laid back
  • Gentle, loyal, and definitely water babies,
  • They also are trusting, friendly, social and sweet


Ragdolls especially love their humans! Even though not all cats will have the exact same personality traits. Just like with any kind of animal, it depends on their ancestry and how they are raised at home.

You can be sure that this feline will be forever loyal and faithful to you…

But beware – they tend to love everyone, they have no fear of other humans that may be strangers. This cat knows NO stranger! Please beware that if you let your furry child go outside consequently, If someone were to come in your yard it is possible that your cat will easily go up to them and will relax in any strangers hand and thus be cat-napped!

Please DO NOT leave these cuddle bugs outside unattended!


Ragdoll’s Common Personality Traits


In regards to what to expect when you buy a Ragdoll kitten, please remember that not all cats are the same and each one will have different traits. Just use the information here as a guideline to help you choose the cat for you!


Blue Ragdoll with a blaze! (Image credit: Dazzling Ragdolls)


Not one cat has the same personality as the other,

Without a doubt, cats are like kids. You might ask each one started as a baby, of course, and as they grow, they each developed their own personalities. Consider this analogy when choosing your fur baby (or any animal really).

Through time, you will see their own unique personality blossom and soon your little ball of Ragdoll fur will become an awesome adult!

Consider when going to the breeder of your choice, the cat’s parents’ personality traits, health genetics, and what quality their lineage is from.

Sadly, Ragdoll cats can be prone to a few health issues.


  • If not cared for and brushed once a day, they will lick and swallow tons of hair and there you have it. Hairballs… of course, its always on the carpet! It never fails when a cat is gagging, they will make it to the carpet!
  • Keep them groomed and you won’t have this problem and your cat will thank you!
  • They are prone to heart conditions: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Ragdolls are prone to develop this heart problem.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


Relatively it’s when the left ventricle wall in the heart grows thicker as the cat ages and this heart disease can show its ugly head at any time during the life of the cat.

Symptoms and Types (taken from PetMD)

  • Loss of appetite (anorexia)
  • Lethargy
  • Weak pulse
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Short, rough, snapping breathing sounds (crackles)
  • Abnormal heart sounds (i.e., muffled, galloping rhythm, murmurs)
  • Inability to tolerate exercise or exertion
  • Sudden hind-limb paralysis with cold limbs due to clots in the terminal aorta
  • Bluish discoloration of footpads and nail beds (indicates a lack of oxygen flow to the legs)
  • Collapse
  • Sudden heart failure
  • This heart condition can be treated with the proper medication, prolonging your furry child’s life.

Sadly, there is no cure 🙁

When you go to the breeder ask if there is any known heart disease in this feline ancestry.

Ragdolls also has Vision and Joint Issues. You can find out more Vetinfo



Please keep in mind that this Ragdoll Kitten/Cat is a happy-go-lucky feline! They are also carefree, calm and sweet.  Definitely, everything for this cat is groovy, cool and “let’s chill all day” kind of breed – and that’s without the abundance of catnip! 🙂

Who are purrfect ragdoll parents? An amazing match for this cool cat is people who want to “just chill” with their feline companion all day long!

Both you and your Ragdoll will love to ride the waves as they come… to gaze at the sky and watch the cloud animals come to life, chew on some grass, drink lemonade type of cat parent!


A Hippy Cat is a Happy Ragdoll Cat!


The Legend of the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat: Miss Sammie Mae


Sammie Mae is 8 weeks old here!


How Legend of the Tuxedo Cat -Sammie Mae the Tuxedo Bicolor Cat was born. While searching the net for more information on the Ragdoll Cat  I came across Tuxedo cats and I put two and two together and said to my son, “Hey, Sammie is a Tuxedo Cat! I didn’t know that until now!” then I explained to him what I had found and that’s how this article got its start.

“By George, I think she’s got it!” Call me crazy but, I didn’t know until I started researching the Ragdoll cutie, that my little kitten is a Tuxedo cat!

Silly me… 🙂

Seriously, it never occurred to me. Well… it all makes sense to me now.

Sammie Mae is the sweetest, most intelligent and feisty cat I have ever known. Full of energy runs through the house like a bullet and she just is so darn cute!

What Is A Tuxedo Bi-Color Cat

And Why Are They Called That?


Turkish Van Kitten – (image credit: Cat Breed Selector)


A Tuxedo cat is a bicolor or piebald cat with white fur and some other color fur. two distinct colors and there are many combinations of the tuxedo markings on these beautiful felines.

They range from Turkish van patterns to solid colors with a throat locket and low-to-medium grade white spotting limited to the face, paws, throat, and chest. Subsequently, Black is the dominant color of this cat.

Many Tuxedo bicolor cats are mainly black and white but, their coats can also be gray, silver, orange and even tortoiseshell with white patches and their coats can be different textures as well as Shaggy, Short, Long, Silky and smooth.

These cats are classy and sleek and their coat is velvety soft and silky to the touch.  Now, the Tuxedo Cat is not the name of the breed. It’s the name of the two bicolor, white and black.

This feline has white whiskers that stand out at you as you gaze into their eyes! Sammie’s whiskers look sparkly in the sunlight and very prominent on her black face definitely her whiskers just “POP” out at you!

This cat can have green eyes to golden green eyes and Sammie’s were blue when I first got her and now they are turning a goldish green. I can’t wait to see what color they end up staying when she gets older.


How Do the Tuxedo Bicolor Cats Get Their Color Pattern?


What causes their unique distinctive coats and is it due to sluggish genes? Yes and no, it’s because their genes don’t move fast enough to cover the coat while in utero. Science is now leaning toward proof that the bicolor cats are created in the womb by a faulty version of “kit” genes.

Whether this is true or not, one can only speculate at this point.

Exactly what causes their coloring? Genetics: Researchers have found that the pigment cells move and multiply randomly during the development while in utero and that they don’t follow any particular pattern structure for their coat colors.


Maine Coon TuxedoMaine Coon Cat Gallery


Although the tuxedo pattern can be found in other breeds, such as the Maine Coon, British Short-hair, the Turkish Angora and the American Short-hair in many different colors, most of all it’s usually black and white!

Sammie’s brothers were all Tuxedo cats. The males were bigger. I wanted a female and she was the only female out of the 4 that were born!

Did you know that Tuxedo kittens will grow at an average rate and these cats will reach a mature height around 6 months old?


Sammie at 5 weeks


She will go through that straggly stage but will start filling out as she matures and grows into a full-size kitty by the end of her first year! Amazing!

The Tuxedo Cats Common Personality Traits 

  • Tuxedo kittens are spunky, full of non-stop energy and they love to play games and are friendly and outgoing
  • And they love to race around the house while hopping from one piece of furniture to the other,
  • They are happy cats, funny, dog-like, talkative, outgoing and extremely energetic
  • Also, they are loyal, extroverted, relaxed, observant, and extremely intelligent cats!

Tuxedo cats have the reputation of having superior intelligence and I do find this to be true because not too long after we got Sammie, my son was in the front room playing his PlayStation on the big screen and she stopped running around and started watching the game. She may have only been about 7 weeks old.


Watcha doing Mommie?


It’s especially funny when I’m preparing my research to write my articles, she will watch me while I am on the net and when I am writing. and she sure loves taking my pens. I found two in the kitchen! I thought, “How did she get these two?” 🙂

Make sure to kitty proof your house because they are extremely curious creatures and will look in every single opening and if she can get through it, she will hide there!

Did you know…

That cat’s whiskers tell cats whether a hole in which they are contemplating going through is too small and if its smaller than their whisker’s width, they are less likely to go through it plus their whiskers are their sensors!


Ultimately, their life span is 15 to 20 years depending on many factors, including feeding them good nutritious food, regular check-ups at the vet, limit outside activities (if at all, an inside cat lives longer for obvious reasons.)

Make sure you give them lots of exercises, get them a cat tree and/or scratcher to keep them active. Make sure to keep the litter box clean and clean water every day. I use bottled water for my pets. They drink more because it tastes so much better than tap.

Keep their food and water dishes clean and sanitized. All these measures will help keep them happy, sassy and healthy!

The tuxedo cat is loving and makes a great companion, they a cuddle bugs (when they want to be) they are such a joy and oh boy do they have a lot and I mean a lot of energy!


Legend of the Tuxedo Cat -Sammie Mae the Tuxedo

Bicolor Cats are Pawfectly Beauties


With any cat, they can have awesome personality traits and beautiful coats. Use the information I presented to you and the information you find on your own as guidelines.

Not every cat is the same. They will develop their own personalities as they mature.

Feed them well, keep the cat box clean, bathe them once in a while and love them, cuddle them, play and have fun with your furry feline child!

What kind of cat do you have? Share pictures of your feline child in the comments section. Share this article with friends and family.

Do you have any stories to share? If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will get back to you asap.

See you next time! Meow!


Just feed them well, keep the cat box clean, bathe them once in a while and love them, cuddle them, play and have fun with your furry feline child!

What kind of cat do you have? Share pictures of your feline child in the comments section. Share this article with friends and family.

Do you have any stories to share? If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will get back to you asap.

No matter what 🙂 All a happy cat needs is lots of love, hugs, and food! The rest falls into place and life is good, fancy and free, smile often, hug with your eyes and give paws up!



Talk to you soon, stop by anytime!


Donna Rayne



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