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Simple Homemade Cat Toys! Sammie & Your Cat’s will Love!

Good Afternoon, my friends, Today lets make Simple Homemade Cat Toys! Sammie & Your Cat’s will Love! It’s fun and it doesn’t cost anything! Again, these cat toys are simple to make and the items that you need you might have lying around your house.

It won’t take you no time at all. Just gather up a few things and let the fun begin!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Easy Homemade Kitten/Cat Toys – in The Comfort of Your Home!


The Sock Fish!

I’m sure we all have socks that don’t have mates. because the clothes washer ate them once again. Right?  What can anyone do with just one sock? Well, normally I would just wear one of each color, but there are some of you who toss them out! Which is cool!

Stop! Hold on!

Let’s use those single socks to make cat toys doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, what’s cool about this is that it takes 5 minutes once you gather all the items and then grab your cat and let the fun begin!

Items You Will Need:


1. Mateless sock – (different textures would be fabulous!)

2. Scissors

3. Stuffing for the sock!

That’s it! I just made some for Sammie. And it was way easier than I thought it would be. I gathered the items together and

Wala – ten seconds flat and I was done! Just kittening around my friends!  🙂

Let me show you how easy this was!

  • Stuff the sock with another sock or stuffing of your choice. I used another old sock to cut the ends to the fringe that way it moves a bit more for when she plays with it.
  • Try not to overstuff the sock. You want to leave room to tie the end really well!
  • Once you stuff the sock, twist the end as close to the stuffing as possible. Twist it over and over again before tying the knot.

This helps make the first knot tight. You want the ending knot tight too so that your kitty can’t get it open and “Why not sew it shut?” you might ask. So you can untie it and put something else in it.


Conclusion for Kittens that Bite
Sammie playing with her homemade toys!


Maybe something that makes noise or put some catnip in it for a more pleasurable experience for your cat and then put bells inside to make noise when she plays with it and once you get tired of all that noise 🙂 you can untie it and put something a bit quieter in there. 🙂

Now, cut the ends to make them look like an angel fishtail… it’s fringed out and flows pretty. Albeit, while taking her pictures she wouldn’t leave the toys alone and so I just took pictures of her playing with them.

Just look at her having a ton of fun! Your cat will too! I promise!

One thing I would like to stress is that when making homemade toys for our Kittens/Cats that we take into consideration the color of the socks More information here How Does My Cat See the World

I also made her a fish with remnants of material I had. (I cut off an old pair of leggings) Which worked wonderfully!

  1. The leftover fabric was perfect for what I wanted to make! I tied the end super tight.
  2. Now stuff it with tissue paper or with whatever you choose.
  3. Tied to the other end and I fringed both sides, like this:


She played for at least an hour.  She was in kitty-cat heaven and she was so happy Mama got me some new toys… purrrfect” says, Sammie Mae 🙂 This is a project that both you and your kitty can make and it’s so much fun watching them play and run around!

So, I made her toys on my bed so that she would play with them while I was making them. This definitely made for a nice photoshoot and made me laugh as she rolled around attacking her new toys! 🙂

Remember no buttons, eyes, or anything that your kitty can bite off and be a choking hazard. and while I was doing my research I ran across some people adding eyes or fins with a permanent marker and  I’m not sure if that’s safe to use or not so I chose not to.


Catnip Mouse Cat Toy – Fun to Make!


If you’re a great seamstress have I got a cat toy that you can make in a day and if you have dress shirts that the hubby or your sons don’t wear anymore you can turn them into catnip mice! (the shirts not humans)


(Image credit: Martha Stewart)

This isn’t too difficult to make and the directions are rather simple and the only thing I added to this project was putting catnip inside when you stuff it and you can stuff this mouse with cotton balls or filling from the fabric store.

If you want you don’t have to go to this extent in creating this mouse because you can embroider the ears, nose, and eyes make sure to secure a bell at the end of the tail because we all know that cats love to make noise and this would enhance their pleasure with this cat toy!


Cat Toys Lying Around Your Home?- I Bet There Is!


There are things that you might have lying around your house that can make simple play toys for the baby kitty! Such as:

1. Crumpled paper. This is the easiest to make. I used some tissue paper that I had left from making the stuffed fish toy. Just crumple it into a ball and watch the kitty have lots of fun.


This is fun Mama!


See the mice I bought in the lower left-hand corner? She’d rather play with crumpled up tissue than those mice and she picked up the tissue and carried it around the house and then she would roll around tackling it and I swear she acted like a kid in a candy store!

She had so much fun that she tired herself out and now she is taking a nap under the couch!


(Image credit: Pinterest)


2. Cat Play House – Out of an old box and an oversized t-shirt.

I made one of these cat caves for my stray cat outside because it gets really cold at night in the fall and winter months and he has used it for a year now although he used to go inside it until one night I noticed he was laying on top of it!

He is very comfortable, he sleeps there nightly during the cold spells we get here and  it keeps him off the cold patio floor with lots of padding to keep him warm.

Items you need:

A box (choose the size you want)

A very large t-shirt, I used a 3XXX that I had bought for my son and I had bought the wrong size so I used those. (he wears large oops) used one to wrap the box and the other two to line the box.

Blanket/towels, throw blankets that never get used and some old towels.

This has been his go-to safe place for sure!

3. Bottle caps/small rocks placed in a water bottle box:


Now, Sammie loves to play in the boxes with small rocks and bottle caps and she also loves to pull the ribbon all over the house. It’s blue so she can see it better and she loves the texture so smooth and silky!

Honorable mention:

Go to this site

For some super cool DIY cat toys and have a ton of fun! Check out this website and there are some pretty cool ideas!

My favorite thing is cat shelves to hang on your walls instead of having a huge cat tree!

Just put it on a wall you don’t use for decor and make some pretty cat shelves to hang on the wall! Cats love to climb to the very top of things and these cat shelves (affiliate link) are just the thing a cat would love!


Playtime Is the Best Time of the Day for your Cat!


So, we made some toys for our furry children ranging from stuffed fish to cave hideouts with everyday ordinary things all it takes a little imagination and patience to make them I had so much fun making them while Sammie!

I now  find myself looking around the house for other ideas to make into toys

Haha… watch… you will too!

Have you ever made cat toys before please feel free to leave directions in the comments below because we would love to see them!


I thank the good Lord every day for bringing Sammie to my life and I am happier and love every minute with her. She surely is a delight and she is a bullet.

Until next time my friends, keep a smile on your face and a paw against your cheek.

The love of my kitten’s heart is quite a delicacy.

I’ve searched high and low for what makes my heart full of joy,

I find the simplest things when I make my kitten her toys!

She brings happiness into my life, fun, and laughter every day

I was truly blessed when God gave me… you Ms. Sammie Mae!


All my best,

Donna Rayne

Founder of

Writer and member of the partnership program at

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  1. Donna, fantastic article. I love your idea of homemade mouse toy. You gave me a lot of inspiration. I definitely need to try to make it on my own. Thanks.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you so much and I am really happy you liked my article. I noticed in your name cbdforpet. I know it does works. My daughter bought some for her dog and it worked right away. Let me know when you make the toys and post a picture!

      Thank you again and stop by anytime!
      Donna Rayne

  2. Hi Donna,
    Awesome article with great ideas!
    Our cats will play with anything that’s loose, haha. And when I hear some rather loud mewing, I know she’s picked something up in her mouth and is proudly saying “I caught it”.
    We will make more things for our dogs, rather than the cats. I’ve tried, but then they just find something on the counter to push off and play with that instead, lol.
    I’d really like to try your recipes though. I’m sure they’d love that!
    Thanks for all the great photos of your kitten. So cute!!

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you, Suzanne, They do prefer to play with other “toys” or things they think are her toys! Seems like everything is hers, according to her. Cats are so cool! #lovecats all the time!

      Take care,
      Donna Rayne

  3. I just love your salad and toy idea. I’ve a dog & he love toys. Your easy instruction and images makes the sox toy very easy for me to make.
    Your cat salad is an inspiration. My dog loves cooked veggies, and eating grass daily. But I’d never though about making him a digestive salad. Thanks for this great info Donna

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      You are welcome Honor. Let me know how your sox toy turns out for your dog. I bet he’ll love the salad and so will you. It’s edible for both humans and pets 🙂
      -Donna Rayne

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