Sammie and Mom Are Still Here – Mom is Feeling A Lot Better

Sammie and Mom Are Still Here – Mom is Under the Weather



Meowz to you, Mom is doing a lot better. She went to the doctor yesterday and she has a long 4 months ahead of her with testings and doctor visits. But, she will be fine! She is working on marvelous articles, a little bit at a time!

Thank you for your concern about my mum.

Love, Sammie Mae


Hello my friends, for the past few weeks I have been working on my website to increase load speeds for both mobile and desktop. During this time, my back went out on me again and therefore making it difficult to sit at my desk and write my articles that I have already finished research for.

Sammie and Mom Are Still Here - Mom is Under the Weather
Sorry, we are out of the office right now, please leave your message with Sammie and we’ll get back to you asap! Meow!

I haven’t dropped off the face of this planet of ours. I am awaiting a phone call from my doctor about what steps are next for my back. I apologize for the long delay of new articles.

Please bear with me while I get my back spasms and pain under control! I will write in intervales so it may take a bit longer for me to finish them!

Thank you for all your subscriptions and for being part of my team! You all are pawsome!


Donna Rayne and Sammie Mae

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