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Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary?

Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary? that is a question that every pet parent asks themselves and whether or not if we need insurance for “just-in-case” emergencies!

So, I got to thinking about whether pet insurance is beneficial to cat parent’s or not moreover, I’ve talked to pet parents and did some research and it has led me to consider purchasing cat insurance when I get my new kitten.


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Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary? – Cat’s 9 Lives + One!

Given the rising costs of vet visits, surgeries and medications, it would be wise to purchase cat insurance for your furry child. What do you think and have you ever considered this?

Did you know that this is available to pet parents? I just recently found out about this and it made me very curious about the whole matter!


  Pet Insurance for Cats - Is It Necessary?
Like I’m going to say yes I do mind so I’m just going to say, “Sure glad you can help meowt!”

I wanted to find out more!


Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary? – How to Choose


What I found out is interesting and I would like to share with you what to look for when purchasing your cat (pet) insurance policy.

Keep in mind that cat health insurance should be easy to understand and use. No hidden agenda or fine print to try to “catch” before they catch you!

I see that some insurance companies will pay 90% of your vet bill. Isn’t that wonderful? One of my friends said that she had purchased insurance for her cat and when her cat got hurt, they did what they said they would pay!

Folks, it was 90% of her bill!

When my oldest daughter took her senior cat (14 years old) to the vet for surgery, it cost her well over $1200!! And the medicine is $50.00 a month!

Now, if she were to get pet insurance, imagine the savings for just that one visit, let alone the monthly costs of her meds!

  Pet Insurance for Cats - Is It Necessary?
Excuse me Mama.. can you get me down?

We never know what will happen from one day to the next. You and I both know that accidents do happen and wouldn’t it be better to be prepared by having some help with the bill?


Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary? – What’s Right for My Cat?

  • Accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Scroll all the way down to the end of the site and there should be a link for you to check out their rating with the BBB. If not, just search Google for the BBB website and you can check it that way!
  • Member of the NAPHIA – North American Pet Health Insurance Association – I’m not sure if this is required. It has a lot of information on the different insurance companies and pet health professions that are in the United States and Canada.
  • Here is a quote from their website “The North American Pet Health Insurance Association is a freestanding body of reputable and experienced pet health insurance companies and pet health professionals operating in the USA and Canada.”
  • Comprehensive illness and accident coverage – Including Vet exam fees!
  • Unlimited Lifetime + No claims caps – This would be awesome for cat parents with more than one feline!
  • Customizable Annual Limits & Reimbursement percentages – Low deductibles from $250 with unlimited claims. Some will offer plans as low as $1.50 per day, which would be perfect for those cat parents with more than one furry child!

Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary? – Compare Cat Insurance! Purrfect!

An optional wellness plan that covers routine veterinary grooming (awesome!) and training costs!

Ask your veterinarian or vet clinic if they offer plans that provide help for low-income families by offering ways to prepay or a sliding scale payment option for basic pet health care needs.

You will find that some companies will cover: Whole pet and wellness spay/neuter for your pets!

When I saw this, I was happy! To spay or neuter your pet is very expensive. Did you know that you can go to Animal Control and they will give you a voucher to help cut the costs of the surgery!

Awesome, right?! All you have to do is call and ask for one.

  Pet Insurance for Cats - Is It Necessary?
This lets people know the cat has been altered.

Pet Insurance for Cats – Is It Necessary?  – Senior Cats?

Hereditary, Congenital & Chronic conditions are written into your policy. Purebreds tend to have specific illnesses that are associated with their breed. Not all of them, but some breeds carry different genes than your ordinary house cat!

Some insurance companies will give you specific care for your senior cat! You won’t be penalized for the age of your cat.

Avoid Costly Pet Bills – Your Furry Child will Thank You!


Cat insurance provides peace-of-mind when your cat needs care. If you take your cat to the vet for yearly checkups then pet insurance would be great for you!

Ask as many questions as you can think of, and get several quotes before you sign the policy.

Know what you are getting and buying. Ask for a paid monthly plan or yearly. Whatever works best for you!

From Kittens to Senior cats to Purebreds, sooner or later they will use up their 9 Lives and will have to add one or two more… you can help them do that and you can help your budget with the cost.

It doesn’t hurt to check out your options, and then make wise decisions on your findings!


  Pet Insurance for Cats - Is It Necessary?
Mama, keep waiting on me hand and foot so’s I don’t get hurt! Such is a well-protected kitties life…

Again, I do not endorse any one particular brand. Just a few insights into the benefits of buying Cat Insurance for your furry child!

 Love your furry child all the days of their lives…. it will help us to continue feeding your cat’s meow…

Please leave a comment if you like this post. If there is anything that I can help you with, please let me know and I will do my best to help you!


All my best to you and wishing you a lovely day!

Meowz to you!

Donna Rayne



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  1. Insurance for our pets is very important, especially for cats. I recently had to take my indoor cat to the vet for a UTI (ugh). So many pet owners are not aware that they can purchase pet plans that really save them money in the long run. Just paying for regular check ups without insurance is risky. I hope your readers see the value in this information you are sharing.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you, Melissa. I hope so too. The more I researched, the more I saw the need for my own pets!

      Thank you for your comment. If you have any ideas or want to see a particular cat review, let me know and I will see what I can do!
      Stop by anytime,

  2. As a person with limited income who has had cats and struggled paying vet bills, I can agree that having cat health insurance would have been super useful. It’s not always available to people with poor credit. Are there any options out there for lower income cat owners?

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Hi Elaine,
      Thank you for your comment and I checked online and I found this —> It says also in this blog to “Ask your veterinarian if they offer pet wellness plans”.

      Awesomeness! 🙂 Thank you for your question and comment. I hope you find this link helpful.

      Let me know if you have any other questions or help and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.

      Thank you so much, my friend,

      “I am not being paid for this referral.”

  3. stefanie says:

    I totally understand the importance of getting insurance for your pet. I don’t have a cat but I do have a dog which and I know for a fact that we have really had our money’s worth (so to speak) already and he’s only 3.
    Unless you have money set aside to fork out for vet bills should the need arise then pet insurance is a must as you don’t want to be caught out, in which case your pet could suffer. And if you happen to have a pet that has unknown problems when you get it then it’s best to get insurance before you find this out.
    Thanks for a great post bringing this too light 🙂

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Hi, Stefanie,
      I totally agree with you and the more research that I did on the matter, the more I thought about purchasing a plan for when I get my cat.

      There is even pet insurance for birds too! So, awesome!
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      Stop by anytime,

  4. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for a really informative article! I’m surprised and impressed that senior cats aren’t charged at a higher rate. I have guinea pigs, rather than cats, and am hoping this applies to them also, as they are getting on in years!
    Great website. You obviously love your furry companions!!
    Lyndal Jane

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Hi Lyndal!
      Thank you so much! I was surprised too when I read that they won’t charge more for a senior cat. So that is awesome!

      I did some research for you about your guinea pig insurance and I found a blog that you can read. It will give you the information for pet insurance for your guinea pig. here—>

      The type of insurance is under Exotic Pet Insurance.
      Thank you again and I hope this helps you and if you have any ideas for articles you would like to see, just stop by and let me know!
      All my best,

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