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My New Kitten is in the House! Miss Sammie Mae! Kitten Love!

Hello everyone! My new kitten is in the house! I think she was too young to leave her mommy (6.5 weeks old) but I accepted her anyway. I was told that she was eating on her own, both wet and dry food.

At first, she wasn’t eating anything and so, I took some wet cat food and mixed it with water and then I got my turkey baster and filled it with the food and then I wrapped her up in a towel, held her like a baby and fed her that way!

She slept for a really long time after her tummy was full! Thank God, I was so relieved!


Bringing a New Kitten Home – Now What?


I have her set up with the triple pan cat litter box  <- (Affiliate link) that I wrote in my review: (My Review) on cat litter boxes

I like the way it works. It is sturdy and easy to clean. She climbs into it with no problem at all. When I first introduced her to her litter box, I set her in it and moved her paws the way she would when doing her business.

At first, she played with it and tasted the litter. She didn’t like that at all. Then she started meowing and meowing while she looked for a spot to pee. So, progress on potty training! Yay!


This is the picture that was sent to me to show me what she looked like.


New Kitty’s Bed – Large Cat Carrier For Her “Safe Place”


She was brought to me in a big box with a teddy bear blanket. However, this little munchkin decides to jump out! I’m like… what? Really? Haha, I was surprised! And so I took her in my arms and held her and then she squirmed out of my arms and ran down the hallway to the bathroom and kept trying to jump in the tub!

I felt so sorry for her. She was so scared! Well, my son and I went in there and he got all the way down on the floor to her level and she was calming down.

Did You Know…

When you get down on the floor to help a frightened cat or kitten or any animal, lay all the way down on the floor so you won’t be so scary and intimidating! It works all the time!


She has white boots!

I didn’t want her to keep jumping out and I didn’t want her to be boxed in. My son suggested getting the cat carrier, putting her blanket and food in there for her, so she has a safe place to run to. It worked! She didn’t come out till yesterday. Ventured out a bit and if we moved too quickly she ran to her safe place!


Kitty Is Adjusting Better Today – I thought I Saw Her Smile

She slept all night in her crate and only cried once and her crate is pretty huge however, It’s for big cats and little dogs.  I had borrowed it from my daughter and already had it lined with padding and blankets and so it is really comfortable for any pet to set up house in and the kitty snuggled to the back and went to sleep.

During the night, I heard her crying and so I turned on the light and talked to her for a bit and then I  tucked her in bed and she slept till morning Around 10ish she started crying because she was hungry and She at first ran behind the couch and then when I got her out, she was throwing up bile.

So I made her some wet food and mixed it with water and fed her as I did before. She was a lot better. She’s doing really well now. Whenever she wakes up from a nap, I make sure to put her in the litter box and thankfully she goes. I bring out her cat box and crate out into the front room. (this is how to litter box train your kitten)

This is her safe place and she hardly runs to it anymore, instead, she runs behind the couch and gets under it! Haha… oh dear me… Well, it got close to bedtime and so I fed her again and then took all her stuff in my room and brought her to bed with me for a while.

Because as I have written before, the time frame of teaching kitty is very important. What I wrote about here: Here Kitty Kitty!

According to my article, you have 7 to 12 weeks to train your new kitten the things you expect and want from them and what you want them to do. And so I want my kitty to sleep beside me in my bed because hearing her purr as I drift off to sleep is the best thing ever!

So, last night I brought her to bed with me and let her play a little and she was drifting off to sleep. I slept for a while. She ended up waking up and I set her in her crate so we both could catch some needed sleep!

She Slept Finally All Night

This morning was a great morning. She slept all night! She meowed to get me up. She used the litter box and she ate her wet food all by herself. She is making a lot of progress in just a few short days!

I mixed her cat food with warm water and put her in front of it and she ate it! I was so happy and so was she and then she played with a string (I have to get her toys) and ran all over the house.

She hid under the couch again although I know it will take some time for her to adjust to her new home. I am taking her lead and letting her do her thing! Her way well to a point. Right?


She’s on the move again haha

She’s adjusting a little more every day and one must remember that with kittens or new cats they are scared and unsure of their new surroundings. Don’t rush them to adjust, it won’t work and if you take your time in transitioning your kitten they will trust you even more and love you forever!

My Kitten Has Been Names: Ms. Sammie Mae

This is an update to naming her: Since I like to give my animals human names we chose Sammie Mae because she is lively and happy and has the bluest eyes.

She is adorable! She runs around the house like a bullet over the ottoman and jumps down and she just now jumped from the ottoman to my table my laptop is sitting on! Haha, here we go on a beautiful kitties journey! I hope you will join me as I will update every one to two days!

I bought her some kittens milk and organic dry food -no fillers or grains – I mixed her wet food with some milk. I put her in her crate and locked the door. She ate most of her food and she went back for seconds! I was so happy!


My Kitten Started Kit.

Here is what I bought to give her: I call it my Kitten Starter Kit



(Amazon has a 50% off coupon on dry food. when you check off the coupon available for those who subscribe and save.)


She slept for a few hours and now she is watching my son play mind craft and she was playing with the toys I bought her… out of all the toys I bought her…

She loves the box!


If you liked this article, please let me know in the comments and any suggestions that you might have for her name. What items did you get when you were preparing for a kitten?

Leave your ideas and advice in the comments section! I appreciate it! Thank you for stopping by and please share my articles and subscribe!

And I love being a kitten mom!




All my best to you and wishing you a lovely day!

Meowz to you!

Donna Rayne & Sammie Mae



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  1. My son found a very young kitten on his way home from school recently. I had no intention of keeping her since we already have a 3-year-old cat. But, you guessed it, we kept the kitten.

    We kind of had the same thought “now what?”

    We have been through a lot of the same stuff, looking for a litter box, setting up some barriers around the house, etc.

    I will definitely check out your post on litter boxes.

    It’s pretty fun having a kitten, they have so much energy.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I wish you the best.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you so much, Steve, yes, cats have always found their way to our house. One followed my son home too! At first, I said no, so he took her back to where he first saw her.
      The next evening when he was walking home from work, she followed him again. This time I said, leave her outside. She will go back home.
      You guessed it, she didn’t want to go back! So, she became ours. He kept her when I moved and he stayed where we were.
      I feed a stray outside. I think there are two of them, the little girl stray only comes to eat late in the wee mornings!

      Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Good article! I can relate one I’m cats now she’s a few years old. We had to bottle feed. She is not our crazy cat her name is Nutmeg but she has claimed the nickname NUTTY! She has climbed our brick chimney all the way to the ceiling. She doesn’t believe in floors and one day I know we will find her hanging like a monkey. Probably will be writing a post about her on my cats posts eventually. I can’t say much for names all of ours are named after slices. Good luck and good job!

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you so much, Amy, at first I thought you were going to say that she went up to the chimney to the top of the roof! Haha, I’ve got a wild imagination!
      Thank you for your comment and I would love to visit your site too!
      Have a super great cat fancy weekend!
      Take care,

  3. So cute! What is it with kittens and boxes, right? They just love them. It’s wonderful to see how well she adjusts. What I also learned is that momma cats often turn their backs on their kittens and start grooming themselves, which is a sign that they are not going to harm them, a sign that all cats recognize. So, sometimes, with new kittens or cats I do the same (without the grooming part, lol). I also gently pet them on their backs when they’re eating, just like momma cat who would be licking them reassuringly. These things have worked for me too, but you probably already know that ?
    The only names that pop up in my head are Mademoiselle and Pandora. Perhaps a little too lofty, haha?
    I’m glad your kitty is doing so well.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Haha Awe Christine, I didn’t know about patting their back when they eat. Sometimes I stroke their backs from head to tail, does this count?

      She is a cutie pie. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions!
      Please stop by anytime and thank you for the helpful tip!

  4. Hey, Donna I so enjoyed this post, and I am not an authority on cats I do have a name suggestion for you How about Tiana. From the princess and the frog.

    She has those wonderful white stocking that reminds me of the gloves the princess Tiana wore in the Disney movie.

    I am sure you will have many more wonderful names soon.


    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Hi Linda,
      That is a beautiful name! Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your suggestion 🙂
      Blessings to you too my friend,

  5. Hi Rayne, I can see you are so much compassionate about the cat which is so caring of you. one day I came to my workshop and found a cat had given birth to beautiful kittens. at first I wanted to throw them out but I realised that they also need care, the mother used to pass through a small hole in the workshop just to go and get food so that she can be able to have enough milk for the kittens.
    I sow how it was straining alot to find food so I decided to take the cat and the kittens to my house and provided all the care they needed. within some months the kittens where big and some of my friends come and took some of them and I remained with one kitten and the mother and they are so beautiful and that made me fall in love with the cat’s. thanks so much.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Bruce, thank you for taking the mama cat and kittens in and not throwing them out. They are beautiful creatures who need our help and care.

      They will be your life long friends. Who loves unconditionally!
      Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment. Visit anytime for more on my kitten’s journey!

  6. Hi Donna!
    I loved your article. What an adventure you’re having. It brings back memories of bringing home a kitten for our daughter, many years ago. She’s about 16 yrs old now, and still doing well. The cat I mean LOL.
    We got her at eight weeks and always wondered if it was too early. To this day she still preens and sucks on a soft blanket haha.
    They are so precious when kittens. I don’t blame you for wanting to hold her all the time.
    She looks very much like our “Sophie”, black and white with blue eyes.
    Enjoy your new member of the family.

    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you, Suzanne.
      Sammie is such a joy and I should have named her Bullet the way she runs down the hallway haha Thank you for your comment and please feel free to visit again.

  7. Haha, I love dogs & cats.

    Lately I have been leaning to the dog side more often, but after reading this, I feel like I need a cat ASAP!

    I only had 2 cats in my entire life, maybe some day I will get another one. Enjoy the bundle of joy your new member brings you.


    1. Donna Rayne says:

      Thank you very much Kayin, Cats are totally awesome! I like dogs too but I prefer my little cat! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate!
      Donna Rayne

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