May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side

May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. Today we are going to talk about how to make Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!

There are several recipes available. Recipes range from homemade pate dehydrated “raw” feeds to a full-blown raw diet and then more simple recipes like cat salads and soups that you can even enjoy.

May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Movie night… purr…

As cat parents, we want to provide the best life possible for our cat and we can do this by maintaining our feline babies on a healthy diet, plenty of water, exercise, and toys to keep their minds stimulated.

Because cats are curious creatures as you well know, we need to keep their lives full of entertainment, maybe go to a movie and dinner.. you know.. cat date night?… haha just kidding…..just seeing if you were paying attention! 😉

Anyhow, let’s get to cooking’ Meowzers… Here are the healthy organic recipes for your cat to enjoy!.


Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side


Felines! Today we are serving a delish entre’ that will make you purr all the way up to the top of your cat tree! Fresh Alfalfa Sprouts with shredded Zucchini, a wonderful treat that you can share with your cat’s parents! Easy homemade healthy recipes coming up!

Homemade Cat Salad that you and your cat parent can enjoy together for lunch!  With all the playing and having fun aside. This is a delightful treat!

Kitty will soon wake up from her catnap. She’s going to want a snack. If your fur child doesn’t have access to the grass outside. (Nope I don’t Ma) Then this is the recipe for you! The following are healthy organic recipes for your cat to enjoy!


Your Furry Child’s Need for Greens

May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Tossed salad coming up!

Scrumptious Feline Salad

—– Ingredients —–

1/2 Cup Alfalfa Sprouts – chopped
1/4 Cup Zucchini – grated
2 tbsp. Chicken Stock

Mix the ingredients together except for the stock. Paw it all together, throw it up in the air then catch it! (Oh I love this game, Mama) Naw… just kidding!

Toss the mixture together in a bowl. Add the chicken stock before serving. It may be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for 3 days

Welcome to a tasty, healthy natural feline salad. Make a bigger salad if you want, that way the two of you can have some!.

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Zucchini contains essential nutrients a cat needs

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Protein
  • Vit. K
  • Fiber

This salad is pawesomely the best for kitty!

Helpful hint: For a little variety, add chicken breast chunks or tuna. (Sammie says she’ll take both!)

Cats love all kinds of meat, especially chicken. Whenever I make chicken the kitties come runnin’ because they want some. Chicken is rich in protein. Most cats love it and crave it!

If you have a sick kitty, feed them chicken soup for cats. Remember when we were little Ma would bring us chicken noodle soup when we didn’t feel good?

The same goes for our furry children. When they don’t feel good… serve them chicken soup!


Healthy Chicken Soup for Your Feline


May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Image Credit: Chicken Soup for Sammie


Healthy Chicken Soup

—–Ingredients —–

1/2 Cup of Boiled Chicken  (reserve broth)

2 tbsp carrots (steamed) cut into small pieces

2 tbsp broccoli (steamed) cut into small pieces

Boil the chicken until tender. Drain the broth (be sure to save the broth) and cut the chicken into bite-size nibbles.  Add all the ingredients together in a bowl. Serve warm.

The carrots and broccoli contain high levels of antioxidants and fiber.

Leftovers can be stored in a sealed container or ziplock baggie for 3 days in the fridge.

For a change of pace, blend the prepared mixture in a blender until it looks like a pate mixture.  Serve with a cat salad on the side! So yummy!! 😉  Next, on our menu we have…


 Tuna & Chicken Delight


May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Tuna & Chicken Delight


Tuna and Chicken Delight

—– Ingredients —–

1/2 Cup Chicken (pre-cooked) reserve stock for the salad
1 Can of tuna in oil ( reserve the oil)
2 tbsp. each – carrots and broccoli (cooked and mashed)
2 tbsp. organic cooked rice (cook until slightly tender)

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. I used the NutriBullet Blender. (affiliate link) Blend all ingredients until smooth. add more stock until you get a pate consistency.- let it cool before serving it to the kitty.

Serving size: 1/2 a cup.

It can be stored in a covered bowl in the fridge for 3 days.

Do you have a snack recipe that your darling loves? We would love the recipe! Feel free to share it with us in the comments section 🙂

Do these recipes sound like human recipes?  Let’s continue on with Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat To Enjoy!


Healthy Organic Recipes but My Cats Love Beef! 


If your furry child favors beef instead of chicken and fish. Let’s make some Beef lunch/dinner= Linner!  Brilliant! Wouldn’t you say? 🙂

(“This sounds good Ma, I’ll order this one..”)

Get the leanest cuts of ground beef. It’s a wonderful source of protein. full of vitamins, including B,  E, K, and D, as well as minerals iron, zinc, and selenium.


Beef Linner Delight!


Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
A Feline of Truth!

Beef Linner Delight!

—– Ingredients —–

1 Cup Lean Ground Beef (cooked & drained)

1/4 Cup Steamed brown rice (cook until tender)

6 tbsp Minced Alfalfa Sprouts

3/4 Cup Small Cured Cottage Cheese (safest cheese for cats)

Sprinkle catnip or The Missing Link Powder (affiliate link) for extra nutrition.

Cook and drain the beef, cool completely. Mix all the ingredients together in a medium-size bowl.

Serving size: 1/2 a cup. *Leftovers may be stored in a covered bowl in the fridge for 3 days.


Helpful tip: after browning the ground beef, put the meat in a strainer/colander then rinse with water to get the fat off the meat. Freeze the rest in an airtight mason jar  (affiliate links) or ziplock bag (thaw in the fridge overnight for the next meal.)


Feeding your cat homemade food is an awesome alternative, it should be included with their regular diet. Not everything we make will have enough of the essential nutrients and nutrition our cat kids need.

Add the homemade foods to the commercial food that you usually feed them and that should balance things out!


Healthy Cat Food Recipes or Junk?


Commercial foods are available in dry kibbles, semi-moist and canned.


Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!
Make sure to always store your cat’s food in an airtight container.


These products differ in:

  • Water content
  • Protein levels
  • Caloric density
  • Appetizing
  • Digestibility

Dry Cat Food

Contains 10% water. Depending on the specific formulation, a mixture of combined ingredients in bite-size pieces.

Ingredients may include the following:

  • Meat and/or meat-by-products
  • Poultry and/or poultry-by-products
  • Grain and/or grain by-products
  • Fish meal (Ewww…)
  • Fiber sources
  • Milk
  • Vitamins and minerals.

Flavor enhancers (animal fat) are sprayed on the dried kibbles to make the food more appetizing to your cat.

Hey! I’m all in, oh yeah… bring in those kibbles! Not!

Store the kibbles in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer and avoid the flavor enhancer from becoming rancid.


Semi-moist Cat Food

Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!
(Image credit) Kittens love semi-moist foods-


Contains 35% of water and the primary ingredients are:

  • Meat and meat-by-products
  • Soybean meal
  • Cereals (umm are you reading this… terrible isn’t it!)
  • Grain by-products
  • Preservatives.

Most cats like semi-moist foods better than dry food.  Store it in an airtight container or baggie to maintain freshness and to prevent the food from becoming rancid!


Canned Food

The moisture content is at least 75%, making it a great dietary source of water.

Canned cat foods generally feature meat, such as kidney or liver, and whole meat-by-products as primary ingredients.

Canned food is the most expensive type of cat food, has a long shelf life when unopened, needs to be refrigerated after it’s been opened to maintain quality and prevent spoilage.

Some brands may be nutritionally incomplete, and it’s important to read nutrition labels. I covered this topic here.

Commercial food is what we grew up feeding our pets. It’s what our mothers fed our childhood pets. I do, too, and so do my kids. Then there are some pet parents who enjoy making homemade cat food for their cats. It is expensive and time-consuming.

Add homemade meals to their regular diet. It will be most beneficial for our pets. There are pet parents that prefer to feed their cats or (dogs) a raw meat diet!


Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!
Umm excuse me Ma, you plan to feed me what?

Yes, you read that right…

Raw feeding is another alternative: this is best for your cats, full of the natural nutrients found in raw meat.

If you are interested in this diet for your cats or pets, read on…


Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!

Specialty Raw Diet!

Your furry child craves meat! What? Are you serious? Yes, the need for raw meat is hereditarily passed down from the big cats in the wild straight to your little ball of fur.

And all cats are carnivores by nature, changing their regular diet over to a raw meat diet is perfectly fine And the food enzymes found in raw meat can help maintain good oral health, digest easily, and enhance bowel movements.

Cats who are fed a raw diet have stronger immune systems and appear to be healthier than cats fed with store bought foods and this diet can be very expensive and can be susceptible to Salmonella Bacteria contamination.


Steps That You Can Take


to prevent bacterial contamination, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests:

  • Freeze the raw meat before cooking it. (thaw in the fridge before using)
  • Disinfecting all surfaces touched by the raw meat before and after preparations)
  • Clean your hands and utensils after touching the cat food.

Sounds simple enough, right? Be careful when transitioning your furry child into a raw meat diet. The key to any transition is patience.

The transition can be fast or very slow. Start off by mixing the prepared raw meat in with your cat’s regular food. Keep adding until raw meat is the only food that you are giving them.

It’s important to gradually increase the amount. Some cats might get diarrhea if they transition too fast. No worries though, their bodies will adjust.

Kittens can be fed this diet as soon as they’re weaned from their Mama’s. They will have no trouble accepting this diet. Especially if it’s given to them right from Mama’s teat to the raw diet, they will not know any different.

This step-by-step approach and patience will work for nearly every cat.

I, myself am not sure if I would go with the raw diet method. It’s too time-consuming and very expensive and you have to make sure you add the right amount of minerals and vitamins to ensure a properly nutritious diet.


May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Eww… no mama… I love my meat cooked!

Raw feeding helps your cat:

  • Stimulates her appetite and improves digestion
  • Relieves allergies and supports the immune system
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Revitalize their skin and coats


The heavy processing of commercial cat food can diminish the nutritional value in the foods they eat.. Raw feeding is the most “natural-in-the-wild” diet plan.

Whether the preparations and the time it takes to transition your feline into a raw diet is too much for you. Then have I got news for you!

I found an alternative that I am planning on trying and it takes less time than complete raw-diets plans and is nutritionally sound for your cat.


Easy Healthy Organic Pre-Made Diet


Stella & Chewy’s Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!
Save time & money… healthy and purrfect!


It’s fast and easy and your cats will love it. It has excellent reviews and pet parents notice a difference right away! I will definitely get this done for Sammie!

For cat parents who don’t have the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals they can turn to Stella & Chewy!

“Made from sustainably-sourced ingredients and raw protein, this recipe starts with 98% cage-free poultry, organs, and bone—offering the benefits of raw food nutrition with the convenience of freeze-dried preparation.

And to ensure the highest quality, each batch is made with care in the USA in Stella & Chewy’s own kitchen.” -Stella & Chewy (affiliate link)


About Stella & Chewy’s


The story starts with two rescue dogs named Stella and Chewy—and Chewy was a pretty sick pup. Their new pet parent, Marie Moody, started both of her new pups on a raw diet, and she watched them recover from being so sick to get amazingly better!

Maria wanted to bring the same prey model diet to other pets and she soon created innovative food safety measures to create her own version of raw pet food—

Stella & Chewy’s frozen and freeze-dried dinners and mixers that you can give your cats. (available for dogs too) 

Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat!


May I Take Your Order? Organic Pate’ with Some Cat Salad on the Side
Mmm… this salad is great Mum!


We want the best, we can buy the best or make the best either way our cats will love it! Oh, the yummy healthy organic recipes for your cat to enjoy every day of the week!

Try a few recipes and add more ingredients or less. It’s up to you. Be careful with the raw diet and homemade cat food. There is so much more to it when you make your own whatever it may be.

Incorporate what you have learned with a stable commercial diet that they are used to. Keep an eye on how your kitty’s tummy handles an organic, natural, or raw diet.

Like I said… add more… or less there is no wrong answer here. Just Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. 

Just have fun with it! Have you ever made homemade cat food? How did your fur baby like it? What did she/he refuse? Has anyone tried their cats on a raw diet? Leave your answers in the comment section.

Sammie and I thank you so much for sharing these few minutes with us. Come back again and we’ll talk soon!


She is thinking about eating again! Haha


Meowz to you! I hope you enjoyed my article Healthy Organic Recipes for Your Cat! If you have some great recipes that you can make for your cat, share them in the comments section!

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