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Cats And The Cold Weather

Today we are going to talk about Cats And The Cold Weather since September is almost over and we know before long, everything around us is about to change.

As the leaves change their colors as they fall gently to the ground, animals and nature prepare for a long hibernation as well as humans who prepare their homes and cars for the winter months ahead as they stock up on comfort food and blankets.

During all this preparation let us not forget about our furry children for instance:

Cats don’t like change because it makes them feel uneasy and scared and although they are still in the same home they can see and feel the weather changing and their environment as well.

Therefore, we mustn’t forget that if the change of weather affects us it certainly will affect them.

Cats And The Cold Weather
Feral Cat Committee – Orange Tabby says, “Who’s going out first to survey a spot to get warm?” The majority turn their backs… nope not me… the others say nothin’!

Can Feral Cats Handle Cold Weather?

First up, my question is: Do you take care of feral cats (unsocialized to people) that roam outside and do you provide them a soft place to sleep as well as freshwater and food to eat?

Well, they need our help during the cold months just as well as our inner fur babies. But what can one do?

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Providing Shelter guarantees a feral cat a warm spot to seek shelter from the cold, be it: snow, rain, stormy weather, scary thunder, and wind. Cats dislike the cold and all the loud noises can be scary. A warm shelter is exactly what they need to seek refuge to feel safe!

This detours them from seeking shelter in all the wrong places, such as:

  • Vehicles with warm engines and tire wells
  • Sheds they can get stuck in or killed by an angry human
  • Under houses where they can get stuck or worse
  • Dog houses which could be a harmful situation for both the unsuspecting cat and dog – Big no-no!
  • Chimneys that are warm yet, a cat can get hurt in them


“Hurry up and eat Timmy… we gotta seek shelter soon!” Tim just rolls his eyes… “I know Sally… I know!”



In regards to feeding them:

  • Keep the cat’s food and water from freezing by putting their water in bowls that are deep rather than wide
  • Fill the bowls with warm water or add a pinch of sugar – both prevent the water from freezing quickly.
  • It’s a good idea to feed feral cats wet food because it takes less energy for their tummies to digest than dry food, therefore, this will conserve their needed energy to stay naturally warm.
  • Feral cats have the skills needed to survive the weather, however, with a little help from their inside humans they can be more comfortable and a lot warmer
  • Shelters are easy to make and I covered this topic here: Simple Homemade Cat Toys! Sammie & Your Cat’s will Love!
  • Make a cold-weather cat house visit DIY Cat House

Cold Weather Tips For Your Cats

Cats And The Cold Weather
What!? Never seen a warm tuxedo cat in a box? I gots ta do my thing meowz!

This is purrfect for cold winter nights and not only is this a safe place for feral kitty to get out of the elements it would be much better to add a kitty heating pad (affiliate link) they are inexpensive.

What makes it pawsome is that the heating pad holds heat from the warmth of your feral cat! And there is enough room for their food which makes it less likely to freeze~

It’s a struggle for kitty to adapt to changes around them, therefore we must provide them:

  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Toys to keep their inquisitive minds active

During cold dreary, tiresome, and bluesy weather try not to get too grumpy because your furry child can feel your emotions and it probably scares them a little too.

Take this time to bond with your fur baby by doing the following:

Make sure you have interactive toys and plenty of them – this will make both you and your fur baby happy and stimulate their mind, it’s good for their health and enriches their quality of life.

Playing also gives them entertainment, exercise and satisfies their hunting and stalking instincts to read more about it here: Why Kittens Love to Play

Ugh.. Finally it’s warm! So where are we going Nicky? Next stop is the engine! Sam just stares forward…

Did You Know?

Cats tend to play the most in the evening and perhaps you’ve noticed this with your kitty whereas, the sun starts to set and the evening is winding down then all of a sudden…

Your cat starts to run around dashing through the house attacking your feet yeah THAT kind of evening 🙂

Sammie does this right before bed and then when we get in bed albeit she makes a final dash through the bedroom onto my bed over the top of me, then, silence…

Oh, wait! I hear in the quiet chopping and crunching some food and then she jumps into the bed snuggles up to my legs as she falls asleep and I’m left wide awake! Haha!

Moving forward…

Cats And The Cold Weather Means Lots of Play Time

Cats And The Cold Weather
“All I want to do is play with you, mama and eat food! Is that too much to ask for?”

Other helpful tips for indoor cats and the battle of winter boredom:

    1. When you’re away for the day leave the radio or television on it’s soothing for your kitty and it helps them not to feel so alone.
    2. Get a tall scratching post/cat condo that your fur baby can play on, sleep in, hide, scale to the top to observe their home while providing them with a sense of security.
    3. Cats love to climb as high as they can get although this is a natural instinct this also allows them to look out windows and keeps them entertained.
    4. This will also keep them from getting into trouble because of boredom
    5. Leave boxes and paper bags (without handles) within reach so they can play with them. I mean, what cat doesn’t like a box to hide in or a bag to run and slide into huh?
    6. It’s fun to watch Sammie play with a bag because she runs up to it and with her paws stretched out as she scoots the bag across the room attacking it, this is absolutely hilarious 🙂

Helping Kitty Fight The Winter Blues

I’m so ready for this cold to be over with! Some hot cocoa, please!
  • Cats are clean creatures so make sure to keep their litter boxes clean and free from debris.
  • Keep their water topped off and provide them with lots of food to keep them nourished.
    • As you well know, cats winter coats come in thick and their bodies start needing more nutrition.
  • This is the perfect time for a vet check-up, vaccinations if needed and a nail trim
  • An overall health check-up to make sure that kitty is ready for the winter months ahead.
  • Please keep your fur baby inside when the weather gets super cold and don’t forget the kitty outside who needs you as well.
  • As for senior cats and the young who are more vulnerable to the cold, a cat heating pad is the best option for those arthritic joints that need that extra heat!
  • Because like us who have arthritis we know very well what the cold does to us so keep in mind it does the same for senior cats.
  • The cold can leave elderly kitties joints stiff and tender, making them hurt when they walk or lay down, and makes it more difficult to get around the house, so provide low spaces where they can snuggle and stay warm.
Ahhh… so nice and cozy! Thank you, Mama!

In Conclusion

As we make preparations for the upcoming winter months we mustn’t forget that our fur babies need preparing too, as well as our feral fur babies they tend to depend on us for every need and more so when the season’s change.

Sometimes it’s hard for us cat parents to adapt to the cold and the dreariness it brings it’s even harder on our felines so let’s not forget them, therefore, play with them to provide exercise for their minds and bodies.

Feed them nutritious foods hang out with them often and make sure to lift up their spirits and you will find that it lifts yours as well.

If you find this article helpful please share and subscribe. I look forward to reading what steps you take for your fur babies.

Sammy and I thank you for stopping by!

Take care and we’ll talk to you soon!

Meowz to you!

Donna Rayne & Sammie Mae

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