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Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free

Our topic for today is: Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free! I especially love to rescue kittens and cats providing them with a loving home and some of you may prefer to buy purebred cats and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I, myself, prefer to rescue unwanted animals so we have a rescue dog and kitten and all the animals I have ever adopted were rescued.

What things do I need for kitty and how do I prepare my home for my rescue cat?

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Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free
Time to leave the nest and get adopted! Yay!!!

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free – The Ideal Age

The socialization window for your rescue kitten is anywhere from 7 weeks, 12 weeks to 6 months. It’s a very important time to train your kitty with what you want them to do.

From clipping their nails to riding in a car, introducing them to the cat stroller (this one is on my agenda) to giving them baths, all this is a must during this time window, where their brains are transformable to it’s learning period.

Integrating Your Kitty – Security, Love, and Food!

Kitten Bed
A pillow of my own? Oh, thank you for my new Mommie!

When you bring your new kitty home, make sure before you bring them home that you have set up their play area and kitty food and toys,

Including scratching posts and their bedding. This will enhance their feelings of security within this particular room.

That way they are in an established area that they can call home, they can get comfortable starting out with a smaller area and then incorporate them into the rest of your house.

Introduce Kitty to Different Areas of Your Home

Let them know what they can and can’t do. Believe me, this does work.

They understand and are very teachable during their younger years. If you have small children in your house, just a word of caution, do not leave them alone with your new kitty.

Make sure to teach them that the kitty loves gentle hugs and kisses. That kitty can get hurt if dropped.

Always supervise your small children with your new smaller family member. Kids can be too rough without even realizing it.

Natural/Organic Kitten Food – What to Feed Your Cat

How shall we feed our newest family member? There are all kinds of kitten food to choose from.

With so many brand names and some are healthy for your kitty and some are just full of fillers and additives that are not healthy at all for a growing kitten.

Get your kitten foods that are rich in Omega3 and Omega6, Vitamins and Minerals.

Here is a list of natural/organic kitten food to consider:

  • Dry Kitten Food Natural and Organic consists of Poultry, Lean Beef, Lamb, Poultry Meal and Fish Meal. Make sure meat is the main ingredient. And that the food has plenty of proteins and is highly nutritious for their growing bodies.
  • Best Kitten Food – All Natural and Organic Ingredients – again this is best for your kitten. All-natural healthy ingredients to help your kitten grow and flourish into a great adult cat! No corn, wheat or soy. Make sure there are no fillers or additives.

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free – Mealtime

What is the right amount of food and how often should I feed my kitten? Top veterinarians advise feeding your kitten 3 times a day.

What I like to do is train my kitten to self-feed which means that I provide dry food in their bowl at all times.

They know when they are hungry and when they are not.

A cat doesn’t overeat, well unless it’s wet cat food and I will get to that in a moment. Just keep their food where it’s easily accessible and your kitten will do just fine!

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free
Mamaaaa I’m hungry!

Now, with wet cat food what I do is provide it for their dinner meal and a serving is about a 1/4 of a can for one cat.

After you open the can of cat food and put a lid on it (you can buy these at any retail store.) remember to keep their food refrigerated and this keeps their food fresh and it will last a lot longer.

Did You Know?

Never put your cat’s food or water in the same room as the litter box. Believe me, I have seen cat parents do this and it is not healthy for your cat whatsoever!

I like to put mine under a window and I also make sure to have a cat rug for when they hop out of the litter box it will fall onto the cat rug and help take the litter out of their paws.

Another thing: Never put a bowl of water too close to their food because, in the wild, big cats never drink the water close to their kill because it will taint the water.

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free – The Best Toys Are Happy Toys

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free
Playtime was fun! Now I’m thirsty!

There are a variety of interactive toys that you can choose to play with your kitten that will bring hours of fun!

Playing with your kitten creates bonding moments and the more you interact with them, the more they learn to trust you and accept you into their “pride”.

Playing with a laser with your furry child is a super fun time and makes your cat happy and will get your cat in great shape due to chasing the big red dot/bug all around the house.

There is a wide variety of toys that are perfect for your kitten such as:

Catcher Wands that have a string attached to a wand with some feathers or toys of some sort at the end.

Cat Trees to climb up and down and hide in!

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free – Purrfect Love

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free
Meow I love to play with smiley faces!

Cats love to climb and kittens are full of energy and will need lots of exercises to keep them entertained and a cat tree is perfect for climbing and running and scratching.

A kitten without lots of activities to do is a kitten who will find trouble. Just give them toys they can play with on their own and then also with you or one of your family members! !

Your laughter, while enjoying playtime with the cutest little kitten, will excite both of you and it makes them do funny stunts just to hear you laugh again and again.

There are also stuffed mice with catnip inside of them. I get the plain ones. But you can choose what you want for your little one. There were lattice balls with bells that jingle when bounced around and much more to choose from!

I guarantee you that you will have just as much fun as your new furry child!

Bring Home Rescue Cats & Kittens for Free – Integrating New Kitty

Take your time integrating your new kitten with your family by:

  • Provide a safe place they can feel comfortable in. Have fun playing with them so you two can bond and build trust.
  • Get the most natural/organic kitten food that provides them with nutrients and vitamins for their growing body.
  • Give them plenty of freshwater to keep them hydrated
  • Provide playtime with your kitten, tell them that you love them often and they will adore you and love you for as long as they live.
Paws up! Love you Mommie!

In Conclusion

I congratulate you and thank you if you have rescued a kitten or a cat and even a senior cat from a rescue adoption center!

Here kitty kitty… Time to come home…

Please leave me a comment or if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you get the information you are seeking.

What advice do you have to share? We would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much!

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All my best to you and wishing you a lovely day!

Meowz to you!

Donna Rayne



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