All Cat's & Pet Parents Welcomed!

Hello Cat parents. The Door is Open… Come on In… All Cat’s & Pet Parents Welcomed! It’s so nice of you to visit us 🙂

There’s so much to catch up on and talk about, have you ever wished that you could touch someone’s heart and make a difference in the world?

I believe cats do just that and that felines fill the heart with unconditional love albeit feeding them is kind of a condition too but I digress…. 🙂

The Door is Open... Come on In... All Cat's & Pet Parents Welcomed!
Sammie Mae and I welcome you!

I love cats! Haha oh yes yes… pure delight and happiness all rolled up in a ball of fur. I adore them, I think they are the most beautiful creatures on this earth!

When I was growing up, I always had a cat to take care of. I can remember the difficulties at school and I would run home and tell my cat all my problems and he would listen!

His name was Spot and he was a smokey gray cat with a white spot on his chest, then there was Morris, a fancy, loving red tabby. I still remember when he passed away.

It’s Always Hard to Let Your Baby Go Over the Rainbow Bridge

I got home from school (I was in high school at the time) and when I got home my mom told me that Morris had been hit by a car

He had dragged himself under a motorhome in one of our neighbor’s yards.

So, I ran as fast as I could and he was still breathing and I can remember just holding him until he passed.

He was waiting for me to get home from school to pass away along with all my secrets! He was my best friend!

The Door is Open... Come on In... All Cat's & Pet Parents Welcomed!
This cat resembles what my cat Morris looked like.

Then as time passed by and I had a family of my own, I always made a point for each of my children to have a “pet” to take care of.

This teaches them to love and nurture and take care of a living animal.

I believe that taking care of an animal teaches children to be compassionate and trusting and by giving this gift to my children they would have someone to share their dreams and sorrows and loves.

One child chooses a dog and another a hamster and another kid chose cats!

I had my own cat while raising my kids and now in my senior years I have a kitten and her name is Sammie!

She shares my senior years with me as we both grow much older.

It is medically proven that people who own cats have better health and low blood pressure.

The Door is Open... Come on In... All Cat's & Pet Parents Welcomed!

And it is great for your heart and also helps with depression and anxiety therefore, I once had a doctor’s prescription for a cat for my depression in the past!

As Always All Cat’s & Pet Parents Welcomed!

So, I started this website to share my love of cats because they are special and so comforting and I love them so much and so here we are!

On this site, you will find purrfect cat articles, pawsome cat reviews, and thrilling cat history and facts, plus great cat products that I share with you!

The picture is of Sammie when she came home to me when she was about 6.5 weeks old!


The Door is Open... Come on In... All Cat's & Pet Parents Welcomed!
Sammie @5.5 weeks old…

Please feel free to share your fur baby pictures in the comments section of my articles. Add to my stories and articles and reviews!

A happy cat meows and purrs! I hope you enjoy my articles!

All the best to you and your furry children!


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